So it has been a long while since I have stepped down, and a few people have offered to take it over and manage it but nothing has came of any of it.

So something I have been dragging my feet on, I gonna pull the plug on it.  I figure I give you guys 1 week to even find someone wanting to take it over, or I’m just gonna archive the server and shut down the servers.  I know PN has the world files and has been pulling things out for people.  So if the server goes down give him a holler sure he can help you with the schematics or help you to find the files to do it your self.

Also does anyone still play on FTB?  I know the main server is completely dead.


Ok so most have figured it out or have known.  But I have hung my MC admin hat up.  I have learned so much doing this for my friends.  I have made a lot of new friends too.  I have so many fond memories playing with you guys.  I have wasted many of nights just bullshitting with you guys/gals.  Hell I still remember my first night playing on this server.  It was so much fun running around with a few friends exploring the awesome terrain and where we could make a fort or house to fight off the monsters.  Well if we had monsters to fight that is.  Back in alpha days there were no monsters in MP.  To the day we open survival map.  And where everyone got very ruthless.   And the village was born….

I have too many memories to cont this line.  We would have a book.  One reason took me so long to write this is I don’t want to close this chapter it was too fun, you guys help me get through my tough time without work for 9 months.  You got me thru starting a shitty job cleaning toilets….Damn I need to stop this emotional shit…..

The point I’m trying to make is I love you guys!  I will miss you!  I will be here to help wombatunder to get the FTB server up to date and running.  I will still be here to help him, but I won’t be helping in any public manner.    But I will be watching…muhahahahaha


So it have been fun but I gots to go *drops mike*


I fucking finally learned Java.  It took a lot work reading studying, reading, googling, reading and bowls.  But I finally got it down.  And my first project was for you guys.  That’s right the whole time I was cursing and banging my head I was thinking of you fucks.  Well you at this point are wondering what did I do.  Well It’s done it works, and not much can go wrong with it.  But I’m sure you dicks will find a way to break it.

It’s a new way to email me from ingame.  So have an issue a problem and too lazy to go make a reddit post have no fear I have the solution for you!  That’s right in game you can just type /bear <message>, and it will be emailed to me.  So no longer have to wait.  If I’m and awake and available I can respond.  Now right as of this writing it doesn’t give you feed back but give me time and it will respond to you.  2min later and it now gives you a response.

I’m a little excited I’ve been trying yo learn this damn language for too damn long, and now I have conquered it!

Till Next Time!


Ok Got the FTB server updated to the latest version, running Direwolf.  Umm not much to say other then.  You will have to redo the whitelist app to get in.


Ok the last plugin we were waiting on finally updated yesterday.  So I got 1.7 running on the server.  Not too well tested, But I can get to worlds.  I have noticed some lag so let me know how it goes for you guys, those that still playing that is.


Also Womba wants to change out the FTB server to a different version.  So a reset of that is coming so be prepared for that.  And FTB updated to 1.6.4 finally so more cool stuff coming there.


1.7 finally hit dev a few days ago.  So now we need our 2 “conversion” mods to update.  I went through and did checking up on the these mods, and they are being worked on an update.  So hopefully with in the next week or so we can update.


Till then…


What is a “Conversion” mod?   Well awhile back bukkit had a great idea to force plugin devs to recode there plugins to fit some new standard.   And to do that they made there code change every time they update to a new release.  Well this caused a lot of issues.  So to get around this there was a few “conversion” mods put out.  That developers could point to these and only have to rely on the “conversion” mod to update.  So we run two of them, tuxtolib and protocolLib.  So when we have an update, these 2 have to be updated.


Thought I stop in and say hey.  Haven’t seen some of you guys in a few weeks, but I seen some of you on.  Just been busy with work, and learning java for a 4th time.  But this time actually found a good book to explain this shit to me.

Anyhow just wanted to say hi, and I’m still watching you.


So I finally got 1.6.4 on the server.  It’s a dev build and spout and inception are the only two that don’t work.  And it’s a dev build so might not have them for a bit.

Sorry for not being around, been swamped at work, my weekend started with 10 hr ER trip.  Then my second day was 10 hrs of working in someone else’s yard!  So haven’t had the time to come in and say hi.  But don’t worry like normal I have been watching.  And have a list of the naughty!

So till next time.


Tomorrow is our 3 yr anniversary! We have been going for 3 years now.  I look back and can’t believe it’s been 3 years.  I have seen this server grow from it running on zok home machine, and about 5 of us building roads, exploring the weird cool land formation’s from the alpha world generation.  I still remember one night me and binarynomad coming across some cool ass cave that look like a massive wave of stone.  We built a fort to defend against the monsters that didn’t exist yet in multiplayer.  And the start of our first community village.  Cobble was the primary building block that day.  I have seen a lot happen on this server, and it has grown so much in the 3 years.  I have made a lot of close friends on this server and vow one day to make my way down under to see you freaks.  I am so happy I found this game and you guys.


For those that don’t know the history of this server.

Our humble little server started from a merging of omnombulist and zokwobblefotz and mine personal maps.  Zok had ran a server for me and him to play on during the first free weekend on Sept 18th 2010, then on that Monday Zok and Omn merger there two maps together and launched SMB server.  They had posted it up on zGeek forums and all the zgeekers came pouring in to check out this new indie game.  Well it got somewhat busy had about 5 people on on peak times exploring and finding new items.  Well it grew and and the server then became a pain for Zok to run on his machine so the players, and Zok thru some cash in and started to build the monster we run today.  We now have a massive main server with many worlds and bells and whistles and 2 side servers for when people are bored.


Ok I’m done rambling I just want to say thanks to all the players you guys are the bread and butter of the server and love each and everyone of you past and present.  Even the dick heads we have banned thru the years.  Find me in game tomorrow for you present I am giving out.  Tomorrow at 12 PST I will be have a celebration for the server so I hope to see everyone there!


So I put a new Bukkit build on the server because of the Auth bug.   Now I noticed right away in the performance department that this was a way better build.  So keep an eye on things and let me know if you notice the same or opposite.


That is all for now.  Till next time….


Ok so we have all the DNS issues straighten out.  So everything should be back to normal now.

For those interested, what happen is we use DynDns to keep track of the IP, and then all different domains and sub-domains link to the superminerbros.dyndns.tv.  Well we have been using a dyndns free account which was fine for the last 2+ yrs.  Well about a month or 2 ago they change there policy that you have to log into there website every 30 days to keep your DNS name.  Which previously was only had to update your IP remotely every 30 days.  So when Zok didn’t log into the website in those 30 days we lost the DNS name.  Which broke everything.

Now I sent a message to zok about it he reset the DNS name but wasnt paying attention and didnt allow us dyndns.tv anymore cause it’s for payed accounts only now too.  So when he “fixed” it, it choose some weird new name.  Which screwed it up even more.

So we upgraded to a pro account(thanks zerocool) and now able to grab our normal DNS name with no more worries about it for a full year.  So now everything should work perfect with no issues.  If you still have problems flush your DNS cache(reboot machine and router) and let me know if it persists.


Ok so now on top of the DNS issues we having now we loosing power.  There is massive brown out’s where the server is.  So the UPS has went into shutdown mode, and is taking servers offline.  And I leave in 1hr for work.  So lets hope they pass or no secondary servers till I get home.  The main server should auto launch, maybe?




Seems to be issue’s with the DNS for me at least and some others.  So if the normal link doesn’t work give this link a try.



I just made it so might need time to get out to dns server.  If you have any problems post up in reddit.


EDIT:  Sorry was fallen asleep when I wrote that and found the issue.  I messed up on the DNS forward last night.  And didn’t think to post my link to it.  What it is we use dyndns.org for superminerbros.dyndns.tv to keep track of the ip.  Then our domain is pointed to that.  Well dyndns has a new requirement to keep domains from expiring.  So now it’s fixed.  It should be working for you soon.  You might have to flush your dns tables to make them work again(reboot).


So I updated bukkit from a dev to a beta build. Doesn’t mean much to you.

But along with that we got skylands re-enabled.  And reinstalled the Inception mod.  So now going up goes to skyworld, and going down goes to nether.    So building up to 255 in Eidth or Creative will take you to it’s skyworld.  Digging down to 3 in Eidth will get you to nether.  In nether you need to get to 124 to go up.

Going down to nether can be tricky.  You need to find a void in layer 50 of nether to go down from Eidth, or it pop you back and forth a few times and eject you somewhere, normally in Eidth.  Only once in all my playing around did it pop me into stone.

Also still have gravel pooping out.  I have a post on it waiting for a reply on how to stop it.




Ok If you haven’t notice I have removed the option to post comments.  I’m tired of the clearing out the comment queue all time with spam.  So with the cool little reddit button we can add comments thru reddit.  Let reddit fight the spam.  So if you have a comment on a article, press the little white and red picture in the lower left.  It will either take you to the post on reddit, or allow you to post a new one(don’t forget to choose our subreddit on the bottom).   Most the time I will post these to reddit too.