So it’s been awhile since I posted here.  Alot has gone on with the server.  Completely redid all my code for all the web stuff. so instead of using plugins to give me all my data from the server, I use the built in rcon and query port.  Ohh there’s the chat we have.  You can use our cool little web page.  But it’s down right now so I can beta test the new version the guy releasing.  Umm ohh yeah we have 1.1 installed.

So till next time….

  1. Hey Bear & Co.
    I’m heading to the US for a month – Cali, Texas and Florida – with Dumhed and I’m really hoping to get back into SMB when I get back late March. Was going to post this on Zgeek but web filter won’t let me :(

    Anyway you guys will have to show me all the new stuff when I return! I think I’m finally over SKyrim…

  2. Why not Oregon? It’s north of cali. Great beer.