Bearfather is our resident redstone mad scientist.

His creations can be seen just south west of spawn, if you follow Highway 101 south. Turn off onto Electronic Avenue, and check out his giant display, which will blink “Hello” if you flick the right lever.







Below, we are lucky enough to have the man himself give us a guided tour of his area:

Message Boards BearFather


BearFather’s Land – Overviewer Map Link

BearFather is known for lighting up the server with his mad scientist redstone inventions – head south from spawn to check out some of his handy work along Electronic Avenue.

He has been with us since the Joining, and will help you out with planning circuitry if you ask nicely.

So your coming from spawn, either your new or you had a slight accident.  But whats all this flashing I see?

Just follow the lights, why not bugs do it.


But don’t forget the boat house if you want to make a watery escape.  Fully automated boat dispenser.  Must see and use attraction.


Right next to it you will see my first building when I came to SMB.  You can also see part of the mad lab behind it.

Here is the Hanging gardens and the back side of my Mad Lab.


Behind the evil tower was my second build and a very annoying one too…Skullport.  It has a an auto minecart station to the castle(old spawn).  And one coming back to it.

To left of this you can find my flashing “HELLO” sign.

And next to that is my failed monster.  When it’s in full power mode it will slow down the server and crash your client.  I hate it.  But its a programmable display with a on and off switch.

Now lets get back to the road…

Farther down the road, you have a small little maze I made, be careful wrong turn and your stuck, or you need to find out the combo to get out.  Right past it is my tree house/cottage.  Took 2 weeks of idling to get all those damn trees to grow.


On the way to the end on the left you have the prettiest thing I’ve ever made and it was stolen from reddit:) Looks real cool at night.


Then at the end of Electronic Ave, you have the RedStone Fields.  A place where there is an example or two of most of the known Circuits in MineCraft.  I urge you to check it out and ask me questions.  Above it is Bowser’s throne from Mario Galaxy 2


On the other side of these teaching fields we have the Castle Of Light!  It is my castle of protection.  There’s healing, food and other supplies needed for the great wild expanse.  But it still stands after part of it was ripped away by Evil magic.  Rumors are the missing part is lost in the nether, with many of the MadScientists greatest treasures.


Around the corner of my castle you have my 4 frame LCD.


Then Wrapping up this awesome tour of this totaly ugly but fasinating tour is a shot of my Ice tower and back side of Castle of Light.


I hoped you enjoyed this great tour.  And since you was such a polite and respectful touree I have a small surpise for you.  No it’s not Cake.


Here’s two snap shots of my current projects…


This is my scrolling display I’m working on.  It’s pissing me off is all I have to say.  And don’t think SMP can handle the load too well either.  But it’s half done.  I got the 42 frames timed and firing just have to add all 42 frames info.


Now the project taking my mind off that display is my cool little city of sphere’s.  it’s cool looking and coming along.  Even got a fountain that heals ya if you pray to it:)


Now go bug off and play some MineCraft it’s Bowl time!

Thankyou BearFather!

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