Rules for settling in Turtlehead:

* Look for a sign indicating a vacant plot of land, with either “Business” or “House” written on it
* Build your business/house accordingly in the spot indicated
* Announce your arrival in the Notice Hall near the town entrance
* If you happen to die, a cemetery nearby can house your avatar
* Please build in keeping with the small town theme.
* If there isn’t a sign, don’t build there

UPDATE: There is now a rail line heading down the Turtlehead from Grand Central Station, which can be found near spawn.

Take the Great Southern Highway south of the Village, and you’ll come to the newly established town of Turtlehead. Named for an odd rock formation to the north east, Turtlehead is a pioneer town, with a quickly growing population of miners and crafters.

New residents are encouraged, and there are plans to build the town further outwards – especially in light of the recently built Arena, found on the outskirts.

At the heart of town, on Portal St, is Portal Hall. In the past this was used to travel quickly between towns, although it is not currently connected to the Nexus. The square around the Hall contains Rosegarden Pond, which the locals claim has mystical healing properties, not unlike the Village’s fountain.

At the southern end of town, a watchtower stands guard and marks the edge of the protected zone. It’s lava beacon can be seen for miles in all directions, and it functions much the same way as the Village’s Belltower.

Sugarwheat thrives on the hill behind the Portal Hall, and is used in the town’s local bakery to produce deliciousness. Visitors should try a mushroom coffee from the nearby shop to go with their sugarbread.

Turtlehead River runs through town, powering the local water mill.

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