Established around October 2010 and known only as “The Village”, this scenic stop along the Great Southern Highway is home to a small community of builders and miners. Houses and shops may be built here – a few choice spots remain on the outskirts. A noticeboard keeps the locals up to date on new developments and events, and a public crafting table can be found behind the Bacon Emporium.

A purported “healing fountain” of dubious powers can be found at the heart of the village, and while perhaps not as magical as the locals claim, it is certainly the oldest structure around. A huge cavern is said to be below, and was once filled with the booty of an illegal diamond crafting racket from the Alpha days. Drunks occasionally stumble upon the entrance, and tell tales of mysterious crafting tables, long abandoned.

Along Main Street, after Pitokbuux’s Angry Crawling Space, and somewhat damaged Zen Garden, the SMB Office for Tourism and Realty provides information on site seeing around the server, hot real estate, and help with WorldGuard protection requests.

The recent increase in mob activity has seen the Village turn into something of a sanctuary. A bell tower stands in the north, up on a hill by the highway – a welcome beacon for travellers anxious to reach safety before the scary time. There has long been talk of upgrading the belltower, however there are many other current improvements being made to the Village that precede it.

Visitors may wish to climb the old lookout tower at the south end for a stunning view of the famous Cactus Lake. A Tavern is currently being built adjacent to the lookout tower, to house an influx of Cactus Lake tourists – but mostly to contain Libelle’s drunken stumbling around town to a small and harmless area. It is rumoured to be built on the site of an ancient adminium prison, but the locals dismiss this as bullshit. Mostly.

As of January 2011, the Bacon Emporium opened for business. Diners can press button, receive bacon, or opt for a cook-it-yerself dine-in experience.

A freakishly huge tree grows at the bottom of the hill, climb up its trunk to get a great view of the whole village. You will be able to see the Aquarium (with secret entrance), Cabey’s Sandcastle, and most of the alpha miner’s homes.

The Village is also known for it’s “House of Pyromaniacs”, a place for fire addicts to overcome their addiction. The lower section is a fire pit, and you to become a member you must pass through the flame (usually the front door) and enter. Once you’ve joined, sign the secret members room upstairs. No fire of any kind allowed in the VIP room!

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