Envisioned as a PvP arena, this purpose built stadium located just outside the small town of Turtlehead contains three combat areas as well as viewing space for hundreds of people.

The two smaller floors are designed to accomodate one on one combat, with the large multi-layer floor suited for up to a dozen simultaneous combatants.

With the initial concept coming from Libelle, Lurgen set out to design and construct the facility itself. Designed around a mixture of gladatorial concepts and the concept of simplicity and form above and beyond all else, the stadium is a symmetrical construction with an extremely large interior space. This huge open area posed unique problems to the design, as lighting in Minecraft is extremely limited. To ensure that the arena is usable both in the daytime and at night, massive overhead skylights were installed as well as huge lava fountains in each major corner. Lightstone has been used in very selected areas to provide basic floor-level lighting too, ensuring that combatants have a clear view of each other.

The location of the arena posed a larger problem than initially expected. Flat ground had to be found with enough space around it to support the scale of the structure. This led to some interesting times, as the levelled out terrain revealed some truly awesome underground caves.

From above, the Arena isn’t anything spectacular to look at but to give you an indication of scale the building is roughly the size of Turtlehead… the entire town!

Hiding beneath the structure is a massive spleefing room too. Less elaborate than the main arena, this room exists for one purpose only – knocking people off their perch! This public building is currently the largest public structure on the map.

Initial concept: Libelle & Lurgen
Design and layout: Lurgen
Primary construction: Lurgen
Construction support: Libelle, Ewe2, CptCabey
Primary material source: User-provided (mined on-site and remotely), all standard materials obtained and placed by hand
Admin-provided resources?: Lava, Obsidian, Water, Iron Cubes, Lightstone
Construction commenced: 13 Jan 2011
Construction completed: 20 Jan 2011 (estimated)

As you enter the stadium you have two choices: watch (head left /right) or compete (head down the stairs):

There are two types of arenas available. Small, intimate ones which are ideal for one-on-one combat, or the massive multi-player, multi-level monstrosity! Lava, water and heights make for a thrilling chase.

And of course the view from the roof is pretty amusing when several people are running around in there. They look like ants! With swords!

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