If you’ve just gotten into Minecraft, and need some help getting around then this page will give you some starting points.

About Minecraft

Minecraft was created in six days, and on the seventh, Notch fell asleep at his keyboard.

Here is a brief explanation of why Minecraft matters

As an indie game that has become massively popular in a very short timespan, there is very little in the way of support, and no real tutorial. The game has plenty of bugs in it’s beta state, which the Mojang team are constantly fixing, as the game moves closer and closer to being a finished product. Mojang also adds new content frequently, most of which adds to the previously mentioned bugs. Our server usually runs a few mods, but each time Minecraft updates, these mods must also be updated. While we wait for the authors of the mods to catch up, the server will be ‘vanilla’ ie just the original game, with no mod cons. Lol punz.

To keep up to date with Minecraft development, follow notch on tumblr for big news, or if you are super obsessed, his twitter.

Playing the Game

It’s advisable to try out Singleplayer before you hop into Multiplayer.

The basic idea behind Minecraft is that you punch blocks into submission, then they become yours, and you build out of what you’ve just punched. When you get clever, you can craft together some of the things you find and make various items, including fancy diamond tools, which basically just let you punch things faster, harder and for longer.

Sounds great right? Okay well that really was just an attempt to sell it to the FPS crowd, but the scope of Minecraft is pretty wide. Build anything, explore anywhere. It’s not nice to punch someone else’s blocks though.

The following are resources helpful for learning the basics of how to play.
Quixotic Engineer’s Guide to Minecraft
Minepedia Tutorial

Advanced Crafting
The Minecraft Wiki
Crafting Recipes

Joining the Server
If you’ve just joined us, please say hello on the Zgeek Minecraft forum. Press “t” to talk in game, but please try to limit personal conversations to outside channels. Generally, it’s good etiquette to use the minecraft chat function for participating in group discussion. The chat functionality is extremely limited, so use something like msn or steam for proper conversations.

When you log on, let us know you’re new and hopefully someone will be online to give you the tour and help out with any questions you have. Admins will give some handouts for noobs, such as tools etc. just to get you started, but then you’re on your own!

If you can’t mine or build, you may need to be added to our whitelist. Please request this in chat, and indicate you understand the rules. We don’t tolerate griefing.

At this point, you’ll be wanting Part 2: Where Am I: Following the Clouds North

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