Choose the Creative Exit from the spawn tower to explore this world.

If you choose to build in the Creative World, you will need to be approved first. The general rule is spend some time in Survival, get to know other players, and you will be granted permission to build in Creative.

We have a selection of mods which allow creative players to do cool things like protect their area from griefing, receive item kits, warp around the map, and other stuff.

Here is a list of commands you can use, depending on which level of permission you enjoy on the server:


Punk Class(Yellow): (Default/Noobs)

build: false
View MOTD: login
View Rules: /rules
View Help: /help #
Hear intro midi.

Default Class(Light Blue):

build: true
inheritance: punk
Use StarGates: walk into them
See who’s online: /list
Set Home: /home set
Go to home: /home
use kits: /kit, /kit <name>
Set and use warps: See warp section.
Send private msgs: /msg <player> <message>
Set flags in your region: See Region’s section.
Commit suicide: /slay

VIP Class(Blue):

build: true
inheritance: Default
Set Weather conditions: /weather <sunny/storm>
Compass command: /whereami & /compass
Make your current stack full:  /more  (-a makes your whole inv 64’s)
Color in chat: &(colorcode)
Play midi files: /midi <filename>
Set regions: See region section
See info on a region: /region info <name>
Claim a region: /region claim <name>
Add member’s & owners to your region: /region addmember,/region delmemeber,/region addowner,/region delowner <region> <who>
List regions: /region list
Stack regions: /stack
Create and build Stargates: See Star gates section
Set day and night: /time day, /time night
Info on players: /whois
Emotes: /me <emote>

Moderator Class(RED):

build: true
inheritance: VIP
See hidden StarGates
Full WorldEdit commands
reload WorldEdit
Full region commands
See and warp to private warps
Return to last point before death/warp/tp: /return
Make inf stacks with more: /more -i
Ban players: /ban <player> <reason:optional>
Kick Players: /kick <player> <reason:optional>
Unban players: /unban <name>
Find out if person is on ban list: /isbanned <name>
Load ban list: /bans load
Save ban list: /bans save
Spawn mobs: /spawnmob <option> <mob> <count> <location>  (options: -d mobs’ health to 1,-i ignite the mob,-r rocket the mob,-p creepers powered)
Teleport: /tp <destination> (cords or player)
Teleport others to you: /tphere <player>
Give other players items: /give <player> <item> <amount>
Heal yourself or others: /heal or /heal <player>
Use item command: /item <item> <amount>

Admins Class(Lt Purple):

build: true


Locating a region

*R-click a spot with your Wooden Sword
Shows you if your in a region and if you are which one.

Choosing an Area to make a region

* click a spot with your Wooden Shovel
Sets point 1
* R-click a spot with your Wooden Shovel
Sets point 2

*Expands the cube to go from bedrock to skyline
type /expand vert

*Defining regions
/region define <id> [owner1] [owner2] [owner3] (etc.)
*Claiming regions
/region claim <id>
*Setting a region’s flags
/region flag <id> <flag> <none|allow|deny>

Flag Description (default)

*Use allow to have this region treated as a region that doesn’t check build permission (use this to make simple no-PVP, etc. zones).
*Allow or block PvP.
*Allow or block mob damage on players.
*Allow or block creeper damage to terrain and players.
*Allow or block TNT.
*Allow or block flint and steel.

*Setting a region’s parent
/region setparent <id> <parent-id>
/region setparent <id> (to clear the parent)

*Deleting a region
/region delete <id>

*Adding owners and members
/region addowner <id> <owner1> [owner1] [owner2] [owner3] (etc.)
/region addmember <id> <member1> [member2] [member3] [member4] (etc.)
*Removing owners and members
/region removeowner <id> <owner1> [owner1] [owner2] [owner3] (etc.)
/region removemember <id> <member1> [member2] [member3] [member4] (etc.)
*Listing regions
/region list [page]


* Warps to <name>
/warp <name> – (mywarp.warp.basic.warp)
* Create a new (generally public) warp at your current location
/warp create <name>
* Alias for /warp create
/warp set <name>
* Create a new private warp at your current position
/warp pcreate <name>
* Deletes your warp, <name>
/warp delete <name>
* Change the welcome message for warp <name>
/warp welcome <name>
* Points your compass to warp <name>
/warp point <name>
* List all of the warps you have access to (page style)
/warp list (#)
* List all of the warps you have access to (hMod style)
/warp slist
* Searches your warps for a specific query
/warp search <query>
* Give your warp <name> to <player>
/warp give <player> <name>
* Invites <player> to your warp <name>
/warp invite <player> <name>
* Uninvites <player> from your warp <name>
/warp uninvite <player> <name>
* Makes your warp <name> public
/warp public <name>
* Makes your warp, <name>, private
/warp private <name>


* Takes you to your home
* Sets your home to your current position
/home set
* Deletes your home
/home delete
* Visit <name>’s home
/home <name>
* Displays whose homes you can visit
/home list
* Displays who can visit your home
/home ilist
* Invites <name> to your house
/home invite <name>
* Uninvites <name> to your house
/home uninvite <name>
* Makes your house public
/home public
* Makes your house private
/home private


To create a stargate:
Build an Obsidian portal like a nether portal…
X= Obsidian
O= Air
S= Sign on Obsidian

On the sign you have:
1st line: portal name
2nd line: portal destination
3rd line: network
4th line: options: “A”= always on, “H”= hidden(you put the “” marks into)

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