When you first log in, choose the appropriate exit at the Spawn Tower and you will find yourself in this wild frontier world.

Anyone can enter the Survival World, but be warned: there are no rules.

Once you leave the gateway from spawn, you are on your own. There are no mods to assist or protect you, and mobs are most certainly on. Better get yourself a shelter fast! Had your stuff stolen or griefed? Damn, should have built it in Creative instead, you wuss.


Punk Class(Yellow): (Default/Noobs)
build: false
View MOTD: login
View Rules: /rules
View Help: /help #

Default Class(Light Blue):
build: true
inheritance: punk
See who’s online: /list

VIP Class(Blue):
build: true
inheritance: Default
Color in chat: %(colorcode)
Info on players: /whois

Moderator Class(RED):
build: true
inheritance: VIP
Ban players: /ban <player>
Kick Players: /kick <player>
Unban players: /unban <name>
Find out if person is on ban list: /isbanned <name>
Load ban list: /bans load
Save ban list: /bans save

(For Survival Village)
Add owner to plot: /region addowner <plot> <player>
Add member to plot: /region addmember <plot> <player>
Remove a owner from plot: /region removeowner <plot> <player>
Remove a member from plot: /region removemember <plot> <player>
Change flags of plot: /region flag <plot> <flag> <allow/deny>
See info on a plot: /region info <plot>
List plots: /region list

Admins Class(Lt Purple):
build: true
inheritance: Moderators



* Takes you to your home
* Sets your home to your current position
/home set
* Deletes your home
/home delete

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