We use a Warp mod, which allows players to type /warp warpname to travel around Creative.

Below is a list of public warps you may like to visit:

/warp DiamondTower
Gold and diamond tower that overlooks the whole of the Diamond Coast. It’s a great vantage point for my area. Puts you on the top of it near max height.

/warp LesPaul

Places you in front of my most greatest and bestest creation ever.

/warp PirateShip
Owner: PsychoSuzy
Places you on the bow of, arguably, the greatest ship ever created in SMB.

/warp Pompville
A great vantage point for my area. Puts you on a hill overlooking my land.

/warp SMBlogo

Puts you a viewing platform to view the Large SMB logo.

/warp Spongebob

A great view of Ol’ Spongebob Squarepants for the kids

/warp Windmill
A naturally floating island I found above a lake. Of course I built a windmill there

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